The Story of the Animals of the Zodiac

A long time ago in China people could not remember what year they were born as they did not have dates like in Canada (2018).
To fix this problem the Emperor told all the animals in China to run in a race.
The first 12 animals would be used in the Zodiac. From then on the years would be named in the same order as those 12 animals.
The cat and the rat were good friends and the rat said he would wake the cat up in the morning so they could go to the race.
The rat forgot to wake the cat up, he got to the race but could not swim across a river. He asked the ox to let him ride on his back. The ox did but the rat jumped off when they crossed the river and won the race. The ox was second.
People believe that if you are born in the year of an animal you will be like the animal.
The 12 animals are written below and it says what the people born in that year are like.

rat: clever
ox: hard working
tiger: brave
rabbit: live a long time
dragon: strong
snake: clever
horse: lots of energy
goat: shy
monkey: good leaders
rooster: always on time
dog: honest
pig: lucky and friendly

The very nice pictures of the animals of the zodiac were drawn by Peixuan Li and Ning Liu

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