Chinese Traditional Wedding

The traditional Chinese wedding uses red color everywhere.  The red color represents happiness, and lucky.  The red sedan chair and  marry honor guard are also important elements in traditional Chinese wedding. The couples and their parents all dress traditional red Chinese costume for their ceremony. The husband sets off wife’s head cover at the final of ceremony.

The whole wedding ceremony divides into several steps. There are some main wedding processes.

First, the bridegroom and marry honor guard will go to pick up the bride. The bride will wait in her own home or place. They use the red sedan chair to transport the bride. When the bridegroom arrive the bride’s home, the bride’s family member will send her to the bridegroom.

Second, after the bridegroom picks up bride, the bride will sit in the red sedan chair. Then they will go back the bridegroom’s home or other place to hold ceremony.

Third, they begin the ceremony. There are some important ceremonies at the wedding. For example, the bridegroom and bride will kneel to worship three times. They will worship sky and ground at first time, then they will worship bridegroom’s parents, and they will worship each other at last. Then, the bridegroom will set off bride’s head cover. Also,  they need to serve the tea to bridegroom’s parents at the end. Then, the bridegroom’s mother will give the red envelop to bride.