Living in the Village

Growing Food

Living in the Village near Chongqing

This video was made in Luoqi, a small village next to Chongqing.

Chongqing is a very big city in southwest China.

In this village most residents make a living by planting vegetables and growing rice.

With time, more and more people are going to the city to work.

Older residents, like Granny, stay in the village and continue to grow vegetables.



Growing Apples in a Village

Every year around April, apply trees bloom.
The bees appear and pollinate the apples.
After several weeks, petals fall off and little fruits appear.
There are too many apples.
Farmers cut off the extra fruits.
This allows the rest of the fruits to grow better.
Farmers keep the biggest apples.
After June, the fruits are almost as big as “Timbits”.
A special paper bag is put on every single apple.
The bags protect the apples from the birds.
This is the busiest time of the year for the farmers.
Bags stay on the fruits until October 1st.
During this period, farmers only need to water the apple trees
When the fruits are the right size, farmers remove the paper bags. But, the colour of the fruit is not good. It is white like milk because no sun touched the apples.
Farmers also remove some leaves that block out the sun.
After October 20th, the apples are mature.

It is the happiest time for the farmers.

Here is a video describing the apple harvest

Do you remember how apples are grown in China?